Singular Sound Cabli

Singular Sound Cabli

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With the Cabli, you can install any music cable just once and you’ll never worry about cable slack again. When you’re ready to use your cable, pull out the desired amount, leaving the rest in the Cabli for a tidy jam space or gig.

Wrap a cable twice as fast thanks to the Cabli’s ability to wind up both ends at once!

Your cables will take up less space thanks to the Cabli’s ability to hold up to 30ft (9m) of cable in just 7in x 1.68in (17.78cm x 4.27cm).

Built out of ABS, enabling it to be both light (10oz/280g) and durable!

Cable Manufacturers were consulted on the design to ensure that it won’t over tighten or pinch your cables in any way, extending your cable’s longevity.

Product Description

· You will never have to worry about tangled cables again thanks to the Cabli’s built in detangler and design which stores the cables in a neat coil.
· Prolong the life of your cables by eliminating the issue which causes them to break most often! Few realize, but the reason most audio cables fail is because they become tangled and form kinks. These kinks put stress on the wiring inside, eventually causing them to become noisy or stop working entirely. The Cabli’s design prevents cables from becoming kinked, and because of that can extend the life of your cables.
· Eliminate cable slack, make your setup look more professional, and keep organized thanks to the Cabli’s small housing and ability to store your excess cable length. Additionally, our included hook lets you hang your Cabli on a gig bag or cable rack.
· Keep your hands, gear, and clothes clean. There’s no need to worry about people stepping on your cable or getting it messy when it’s stored within a Cabli. Even if the cable is dirtied, you won’t need to worry about it getting you or your gear dirty: the Cabli’s housing will hold the cable keeping it off you and your gear.
· Wind up your cables faster than you ever thought possible. Thanks to the Cabli’s clever design, you can wind up even lengthy 30′ braided cables (and 20′ rubber cables) in just a couple seconds. This is thanks to its ability to wind both sides of your cable at once and detangle the cable in the process.

Features and Specifications
• Built in pinch preventer ensures that the bend in the center of your cable is not too narrow, protecting your cables from damage.
• Holds any audio cable including 1/4″, XLR, MIDI, Right Angle, SpeakOn, and more.
• Press and hold the pedal to transition to a song’s next part (verse to chorus).
• Can hold up to 30′ (9m) of braided cable and 20′ (6m) of rubber cable.
• Built in detangler automatically detangles as you wind.
• Durable ABS shell keeps your cable protected, helping to extend your cable’s life.
• Included handle and 2 sided mid-plate wind both ends of your cable at the same time, resulting in lightning quick winding times.
• Do not use with any cable with a diameter over 0.3″ (7.5mm) (for example, Monster Cables).
Dimensiones • 7″ (17.78 cm) diameter and 1.68″ (4.27 cm) thick.
Peso • 0.28 kg



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